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World Business Chicago
Headquarters Chicago
Web site

World Business Chicago (WBC) is a not-for-profit economic development corporation, chaired by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Alya Adamany Woods is the executive direct of Chicago, NEXT, the technology division of WBC.[1]


Paul O'Connor was the founding executive director of WBC.

WBC's mission is to expand Chicago's economy through the growth of the private sector, building the best city in the world in which to live, work and play.

WBC helps to market Chicago's competitive advantages, coordinates business retention and attraction efforts, and seeks to enhance Chicago's business climate by being a thought leader in economic development policy. The staff provides free "point-of-first-contact" assistance for economic and industry data, site location, state and local incentives, and contacts within the region's private, public, and not-for-profit sectors.

Key People[edit]

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chairman[2]
  • Michael Sacks, Vice Chairman
  • Jim Abrams
  • Carl Allegretti
  • Anthony K. Anderson
  • Andrew Appel
  • Jeff Aronin
  • Rita Athas
  • Melissa Bean
  • Jim Brady
  • Greg Q. Brown
  • John Buck
  • Martin Cabrera
  • Debra A. Cafaro
  • Patrick Canning
  • Gregory C. Case
  • David Casper
  • Christopher Crane
  • James S. Crown
  • Deborah DeHaas
  • Mary Dillon
  • Craig J. Duchossois
  • Donald Edwards
  • Michael Englehart
  • John Flannery
  • Matthew Gibson
  • Ilene Gordon
  • Alex Gourlay
  • Antonio Gracias
  • Dean Harrison
  • Lori Healey
  • Mellody Hobson
  • Mark S. Hoplamazian
  • Lamar A. Johnson
  • Christie Kelly
  • Steve Kersten
  • James P. Kolar
  • Mitchell J. Krebs
  • Jim Lecinski
  • Eric Lefkofsky
  • Dan'l Lewin
  • Aylwin Lewis
  • Charles Matthews
  • Samuel M. Mencoff
  • Jamie S. Miller
  • Michael H. Moskow
  • Oscar Munoz
    • Pin Ni
  • William A. Osborn
  • Henry M. Paulson, Jr.
  • Jose Luis Prado
  • John Pratt
  • Richard Price
  • J.B. Pritzker
  • Frank Ptak
  • Alison Ranney
  • Jim Reynolds
  • Larry Richman
  • Robbie Robinson
  • Desiree Rogers
  • Pat Ryan, Jr.
  • Diana Sands
  • Muneer A. Satter
  • Sam Scott
  • Kimberly Simios
  • Virginia Simmons
  • James Skogsbergh
  • J. Douglas Sparkman
  • Paula Steiner
  • Hugh Sullivan
  • Robert Sullivan
  • Scott Swanson
  • Donald Thompson
  • Glenn F. Tilton
  • Timothy P. Walbert
  • Keith Williams
  • Don Wilson
  • Nikki Zollar


WBC Web site

  • 2015 Annual Report[3]


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