Yves Mersch

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Yves Mersch
Occupation Central Bank Chief Of Luxembourg, ECB Executive Board Member

Yves Mersch is the president of the Central Bank of Luxembourg.[1][2]He was the euro region's longest-serving central banker as of July of 2012.

Mersch was named to the European Central Bank’s executive board in July of 2012.[3] His appointment was seen as a victory for those supporting tight monetary policy.


Prior to working at the Central Bank of Luxembourg, Mersch served in a variety of positions including: the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance (1975-1976), the IMF (1976–1978)and the Luxembourg Monetary Institute (1983–1999). Most notably, Mersch was the director of the Treasury for Luxembourg from 1989-1998 before being appointed president of the Central Bank of Luxembourg.[4]


Mersch studied International Law in Paris and is member of the Luxembourgish bar.[5]