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Ziliak Law, LLC
ZiliakLaw Logo.png
Founded 2013
Headquarters Chicago
Key People Zachary Ziliak, Thomas F. Cashman, Michael Davis, Matt Tobin,Steven M. Bylina III, Nicholas Ghanma, Alexander Konetzki, Amanda Brady
Products Legal Services
Twitter @ziliaklaw
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Facebook Page
Website www.ziliak.com
Blog [1]

Ziliak Law, LLC, founded by Zachary Ziliak, is a Chicago-based boutique law firm focused on the trading and investment management industry. The firm offers a range of legal services to trading companies and financial technology firms, including fund formation, regulatory filings, transactions, litigation and compliance, as well as business advice and litigation assistance. [1]


Ziliak Law was founded in 2013 by Zachary Ziliak after he left Mayer Brown. The Ziliak team includes attorneys who have worked at hedge funds, prop shops, regulatory organizations, and exchanges; in financial engineering, high frequency trading, and other algorithmic trading; and on the trading floor. Ziliak's team has experience in compliance, regulatory enforcement, litigation, and corporate transactional work.

Ziliak Law was built with the needs of trading companies in mind. When registered investment advisers, proprietary trading groups, hedge funds, and commodity trading advisors have legal questions, Ziliak Law provides solutions that reflect experience on both the legal and operational sides of the trading industry.

Products and Services[edit]

With offices in the Chicago Board of Trade Building, Ziliak Law provides a wide range of legal services to trading companies and the vendors that service them.

Key People[edit]


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