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In futures trading, your Account Balance is your Ledger Balance plus or minus your Open Trade Equity. This represents the amount of cash in your account. Net Option Value would be added to your Account Balance to create your Liquidation Value.[1]

Futures Account Opening[edit]

When a trader first opens a futures account and deposits money in the account, this amount is reflected in the Ledger Balance and the Account Balance. If the account has not been traded or any other charges or fees assessed, the Ledger Balance and Account Balance are the same. Once a trader incurs charges, those fees and commissions and any losses or gains are subtracted and/or added to the ledger balance. If a trade is opened and the account is charged a commission, this amount is subtracted from the Ledger Balance. Assuming the Open Position closed at the same price as the Entry Price, the Ledger Balance and Account Balance should again be the same amount.


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