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Adrian Facini
Adrian Facini.jpg
Occupation Head of Product Managment
Employer IEX Group
Location New York City
Twitter @AdrianFacini
LinkedIn Profile

Adrian Facini is the current head of product management for IEX Group, a post he has held since April 2016.[1]


Facini began his career at Citibank in 2002 working as a software developer, before moving to Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2006, where he met John Schwall, who he would later work with at IEX Group. At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, he worked as a technology project management for equity derivatives, portfolio trading, prime brokerage, and securities lending business lines. He became a program manager at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2008. In 2013, he joined IEX Group as a part of their product engagement team. He became the head of product management in 2016.[2][3][4]


Facini has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Stony Brook University.[5][6]


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