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Advent International
Products Cross-border, strategic restructuring and growth opportunities

Advent International is a global private equity firm. Founded in 1984, Advent International touts itself as one of the world's leading global buyout firms, with offices in 14 countries on four continents.

A force in international private equity for more than two decades, Advent has built a global platform of over 100 investment professionals across Western and Central Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia.

The firm focuses on cross-border, strategic restructuring and growth opportunities in five core sectors, employing a highly active ownership approach to drive earnings improvements in portfolio companies. Since inception, Advent has raised $10 billion in private equity capital and completed more than 200 buyout and private equity transactions valued at over $30 billion in 35 countries.[1]

Since the opening of its Paris office in 1997, Advent has supported the international development of various firms including as Elior, Materis, Loxam and Sportfive.

In July 2007, the Advent International acquired a majority stake in Sophis, a provider of cross-asset, front-to-back portfolio and risk management technology. The value of the transaction was not disclosed.[2]


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