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WATCH: Alan Snyder of Shinnecock Partners Discusses the Potential for Managed Futures on MarketsWiki.tv (August 2012)
Alan Snyder
Occupation Founder and Managing Partner
Employer Shinnecock Partners
Location Los Angeles
Website shinnecock.com

Alan Snyder is the founder and managing partner of Shinnecock Partners and managing director of Shinnecock Group.[1]


Snyder was also founder, CEO, president and chairman of Answer Financial Inc. and the Insurance Answer Center, CEO of Aurora National Life Insurance, president and COO of First Executive Corporation and executive vice president and member of the board at Dean Witter Financial Services Group (a predecessor firm to Morgan Stanley).

He is also president of the Western Los Angeles Boy Scout Council.

JLN Managed Futures Interview[edit]


Snyder is a graduate of Georgetown University and Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar.


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