Arab Federation of Capital Markets

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Arab Federation of Capital Markets
Founded 1978
Headquarters Beirut

The Arab Federation of Capital Markets is the Arab industry group for exchanges and clearing houses (CSD’s), and financial institutions around the Arab regions (GCC, Levant and Arab African countries).

The Arab Federation of Capital Markets was established originally in 1979 as the Arab Federation of Exchanges, bur rebranded in 2021 as the AFCM. The AFCM was created to be the guiding body for the Arab stock exchanges. The headquarters is in Beirut, Lebanon.

The AFCM includes 17 Arab exchanges and 3 clearing houses and multiple members of affiliate organizations from around the Arab regions. The purpose of the federation was to contribute to the “development of regulations and promoting harmonized and proactive legislations, and exchanging viewpoints and providing opportunities for cooperation among members”[1]


The Federation’s Vision:

  • Facilitating the exchange of views and providing collaborative opportunities for the members
  • Knowledge transfer through workshops and conferences
  • Developing the legislations in the Arab financial markets
  • Resolving potential disputes
  • Cooperating with regional and international federations
  • Increasing the value of the Arab stock markets

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