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Bürgenstock was the site of an annual conference of the Swiss Futures & Options Association ("SFOA"), now the International Commodities and Derivatives Association, and the annual conference is often referred to simply as "Bürgenstock," or "the Bürgenstock Meeting" despite the conference being moved to new locations.[1][2]


The Bürgenstock conference was held in early September in the Bürgenstock hotel village located above Lake Lucerne in central Switzerland. For 28 years, the SFOA held its annual fall conference there, except for one year when the conference was held in Montreaux. The "Bürgenstock Meeting" or conference is an exclusive gathering of executives and other derivatives industry individuals. SFOA, founded in 1980, has organized the conference every year since.


Because the Bürgenstock estate is being refurbished, after 2008, the meetings were held in Interlaken, Switzerland.[3]

Participants from all over the world include senior representatives from the major international stock and derivatives exchanges, regulatory bodies and association leaders, political and economic leaders, top executives from international brokerage firms, and senior executives from banks and investment management firms. Also present are senior representatives from the servicing industry as well as brokers and traders involved in the international derivatives and equities markets.

In 2017, the ICODA will return to the Burgenstock Resort for a gala dinner held during the conference, which will be held in nearby Lucerne, Switzerland.