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BEST Direct is the proprietary electronic trading platform offered by The latest version is BEST Direct 8.

Since 1998, a total of 17 electronic platforms have been spun off from the original BESTDirect. Forex trading capabilities have also been added to the existing and new futures platforms, including BEST Direct 8.0, BEST Direct Trade Navigator, BEST Direct ProTrader, BEST Direct Web, and more. The company also licenses and white-labels many of its proprietary platform to other firms.

Some of the features of BEST Direct™ 8 are:[1]

  • Trailing stops and profit targets.
  • OCO orders.
  • Depth of Market Trading Panel.
  • Trade window with complete positions summary, trade panel, order history, and real-time account status.
  • Strategy window.
  • Sortable order management panels that can be filtered by product or by order status.


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