BRIXX Commercial Real Estate Indexes and Products

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BRIXX Commercial Real Estate Indexes and Products were launched in 2021 by MIAX and are owned by MIAX. They consist of BRIXX™ Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Indexes and BRIXX™ CRE Options and Futures.


BRIXX™ Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Indexes were created by Advanced Fundamentals.[1] The family of indexes track real-time changes in real estate valuations across four commercial real estate sectors: residential, retail, office and hospitality, using data that is updated through continuous real-time changes in equity share prices as well as 10Q, 10K, and interim period 8K filings.[2]

BRIXX Indexes:

BRIXX covers four (4) individual sectors and a Composite composed of the four underlying sector returns: - BRIXX Residential Index (BRIXR) priced in $/unit/1000 – BRIXX Retail Index (BRIXT) priced in $/square foot - BRIXX Office Index (BRIXO) priced in $/square foot - BRIXX Hospitality Index (BRIXH) priced in $key / 1000 - BRIXX Composite Index (BRIXC)

On October 18, 2021 MIAX and Advanced Fundamentals launched BRIXX Retail Futures, offered by MGEX via the CME Globex platform. BRIXX Office Futures launched on November 8, 2021 and BRIXX Hospitality Futures and BRIXX Residential Futures launched on November 22, 2021.[3] BRIXX CRE Derivatives bring liquid trading to the $16-trillion commercial real estate market, allowing investors to enter into a long or short position to manage exposure with a lower upfront financial commitment than buying illiquid real estate or equities.[4] The derivative prices are based on the real-time prices sourced from over $750 billion of institutional quality commercial real estate investment holdings.

Products: BRIXX CRE Options and Futures[edit]

BRIXX Options will launch in Q1 2022 and trade on MIAX. The trading symbols are as follows: 1. BRIXX Retail Options (BRIXT) 2. BRIXX Residential Options (BRIXR) 3. BRIXX Office Options (BRIXO) 4. BRIXX Hospitality Options (BRIXH)

BRIXX Futures are offered by the Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX™) via the CME Globex® platform, trading 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, Central Time. BRIXX Futures trading symbols are: 1. BRIXX Retail Futures (BXT) 2. BRIXX Residential Futures (BXR) 3. BRIXX Office Futures (BXO) 4. BRIXX Hospitality Futures (BXH)