Bernard McDevitt

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Bernard McDevitt
Occupation Vice President of Institutional Trading
Employer Cheevers & Co.
Location Chicago

Bernard McDevitt is the Vice President of Institutional Trading at Cheevers & Company, Inc.. [1]


Template:Infobox Midpage Need Sponsor McDevitt joined Cheevers & Company, Inc. in August of 2005 as a floor broker assisting in derivatives related and institutional execution. Prior to that, he worked at the Chicago Stock Exchange as a floor broker and liaison for Roney & Company. He also spent time as a floor broker for Billings and Company and as a principal trader at OLES, LLC as a proprietary treasury yield-curve spread trader.

He is also a member of the Security Traders Association of Chicago and maintains his Series 7, Series 24 and Series 63 registrations with FINRA



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