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Founded 2017
Headquarters New York
Key People Chris White
Products fixed income data, corporate bonds

BondCliQ is a market data system that provides pricing information on the corporate bond market. The company is focused on improving pre- and post-trade data, and is designed to improve institutional liquidity in the market. The firm was founded by CEO Chris White with a goal to bring better transparency to the bond market. [1] BondCliQ is Wall Street’s first consolidated corporate bond quote system.[2]

The firm’s feed includes live pricing from 40 dealers, but the five largest dealers on Wall Street have yet to sign on, BondCliQ's CEO told the Wall Street Journal in January 2022.

The asset-management giant Vanguard Group said its bond traders and data scientists are using BondCliQ data in their models in a partnership with the startup, The Wall Street Journal reported.[3]


The firm was founded by Chris White, with the help of industry professionals Don Devine, Steve Duncker, Paul Faust, ValueStream, a fintech venture capital firm and others. In 2017, the firm raised $700,000 to start and worked toward another $2 million investment in a second round. The firm was launched in 2017 with five funds as customers and a goal of 75 buy-side users by Q4 2017. It also aimed for dealers.[4]

In November 2018, the firm signed a deal with the London Stock Exchange Group's MTS Markets business, providing a mapping tool for US corporate bond liquidity. The deal combined MTS BondsPro's real-time pricing with BondCliQ's data visualization technology, BondTIQ and TRACE data - aimed at providing a holistic view of the pre- and post-trade liquidity.[5]

In September 2019, the firm partnered with Charles River Development to provide traders and portfolio managers with pre-trade price quotes in US corporate fixed income securities and post-trade TRACE data. The data will be provided over the Charles River IMS, which offers combined order and execution.[6]

Products and Services[edit]

The firm offers several services in pre- and post-trade information:

  • TIQ-File: static flat files of pre- and post-trade pricing information
  • BondTIQ: application for viewing realtime pre- and post-trade pricing
  • TIQ-API: a feed for viewing realtime pre- and post-trade pricing

Key People[edit]