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CME Direct is a high-performance, web-based trading front-end offered by CME Group. It is a comprehensive trading solution designed for futures, options, and block markets, offering a seamless and efficient trading experience for professional traders, institutions, and hedge fund managers. With CME Direct, participants can access CME Group’s complete suite of futures and options products across all asset classes.[1][2][3]

Key Features[edit]

High Performance and Security[edit]

CME Direct is recognized for its fast and secure trading capabilities. The platform is engineered to handle the high volume and rapid pace of the derivatives markets, ensuring that trades are executed promptly and reliably. Security protocols are deeply integrated to safeguard market participants' transactions and data.


Users of CME Direct benefit from its highly customizable interface, which allows them to tailor the trading environment to their specific needs. This level of customization enables traders to create an interface that aligns with their strategies and preferences, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their trading activities.

Consolidated Trading View[edit]

The platform provides a comprehensive view of trading activities, enabling the execution of covered and multi-leg strategies. Traders have a consolidated view of all trades, RFQs, crosses, and blocks, making it easier to manage complex trading portfolios and respond to market opportunities with agility.

Single-Platform Liquidity Access[edit]

CME Direct offers unparalleled access to liquidity by integrating trading across all asset classes and products into a single platform. This facilitates a streamlined trading process and allows for a cohesive overview of positions and market movements.

Advanced Options Analytics[edit]

With the fully integrated QuikStrike Options Analytics tool, traders can research options analysis. This includes viewing volatilities, calculating fair value prices, understanding the Greeks, charting volatility and correlations, and testing strategies, all within the trading platform.[4]

RFQ and Price Discovery[edit]

CME Direct simplifies the process of strategy building and submission of electronic RFQs. It allows traders to interact with RFQ responses in real-time, providing a dynamic environment for price discovery. The Directed Request for Quote (DRFQ) feature enables the negotiation of off-exchange block trades with selected counterparts, enhancing the efficiency of trading large-size orders.

Seamless Options Workflows The platform supports a streamlined options workflow, enabling traders to see all listed options for a futures contract easily. This comprehensive visibility into options markets supports informed decision-making and strategy development.