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CME Group Index Services LLC
Founded 2010

CME Group Index Services LLC is a joint venture between CME Group Inc. and Dow Jones & Company. Its formation was announced on March 18, 2010. CME Group has a 90 percent ownership interest and Dow Jones has a 10 percent ownership interest in the new company, which continues to do business as Dow Jones Indexes and includes the Dow Jones Industrial Average as well as approximately 130,000 index properties.

Dow Jones & Company will contribute the Dow Jones Indexes business, valued at $675 million, and CME Group will contribute certain market data services, valued at $607.5 million, to the joint venture. CME Group Index Services LLC has issued $612.5 million in aggregate principal amount of senior notes due 2018, with an annual coupon of 4.4% and an effective rate of 4.6%, which was used to pay a $607.5 million distribution to Dow Jones. The notes are fully and unconditionally guaranteed by CME Group Inc.[1]


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