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CMT Digital, Ltd.
Founded 2013
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, USA
Key People Colleen Sullivan, CEO
Employees 10-20
Products Crypto assets trading, legal consultation
Twitter @CMTDigitalLtd
LinkedIn Profile

CMT Digital is a division of Capital Markets Trading Group (CMT), a proprietary trading firm.


CMT Digital focuses on cryptocurrency trading and blockchain tech investments as well as on legal and policy issues. The company offers more than 50 coins and pairs and maintains a 24/7 crypto asset trading operation. CMT Digital invests in early stage crypto infrastructure companies.[1]

The company's primary focus is investing in the development of the crypto market space's infrastructure.[2]


Capital Markets Trading Group became involved in the cryptocurrency trading space in 2013. Colleen Sullivan, an employee of CMT, suggested to the firm's founders that it should begin looking at bitcoin as a viable investment opportunity. Sullivan would later become the CEO of CMT Digital.[3]

In 2014, the company began engaging with regulators to help form regulatory clarity in the crypto space. The company made its first bitcoin investment in 2016. The following year, the company launched its crypto assets trading desk, as well as its venture investments initiative. In 2018, CMT Digital launched blockchain equity venture fund and then went on to co-found DeFi Alliance in 2020.

To date, CMT Digital has invested in Abra, Bakkt, BlockFi, Bloq, Circle, Digital Assets Data, ErisX, Netki, Pantera Capital, Polychain Capital, Silvergate Bank,, Seed CX, and Templum.[4]

Key People[edit]

Colleen Sullivan - CEO[5]