Chi-X Japan Limited

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Chi-X Japan Limited

Chi-X Japan Limited is a Japanese subsidiary of Chi-X Global Inc.


Chi-X Global announced July 6, 2010 that its Japanese subsidiary Chi-X Japan Limited would begin trading Japanese securities on its trading platform beginning July 29, 2010 after approval from Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA).[1] Chi-X Japan now holds a proprietary trading system (PTS) licence from the FSA and will clear all its trades with the Japan Securities Clearing Corporation. Trading on Chi-X Japan will at first be confined to a few selected securities but will eventually widen to include all Nikkei 225 Index stocks.

On July 29, 2010, the exchange announced that trading commenced on five large liquidity stocks. The exhange targeted September for a milestone of trading approximately 800 stocks, or 95% of the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange’s capitalization. The exchange also said in late July that more trading participants will be connected to the Chi-X Japan platform in a staged process over coming weeks.[2]

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