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Clear Street
Founded 2018
Headquarters New York
Key People Chris Pento, CEO; Ed Tilly, President-Designate
Employees 300+
Products Investment Banking, Brokerage, Prime Brokerage
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Clear Street is a New York-based financial technology and brokerage company founded in 2018 that aims to modernize the brokerage ecosystem. The company initially provides a technology-driven prime brokerage platform for institutional investors. Clear Street offers a full-service platform that includes execution, security financing, clearing, custody, and capital introduction services for U.S. equities and options.[1][2]


Clear Street was founded in 2018 as a financial technology company with a goal to modernize the brokerage ecosystem. The company's mission from the start was to create a single, comprehensive platform serving all investor types across global asset classes.

To achieve this, Clear Street developed a proprietary, cloud-native system designed to replace legacy infrastructure in capital markets, with their first major offering being an equity finance platform capable of processing over $10 billion in daily trades.

In May 2022, Clear Street raised $165 million in the first part of its Series B funding round, followed by an additional $270 million in April 2023, which valued the company at $2 billion. Throughout 2022 and 2023, the company expanded its offerings to include capital introduction and repurchase agreement services, while also enhancing its securities lending capabilities and updating client-facing portals.[3]

Clear Street's growth continued, with a 500% increase in institutional clients and a 300% growth in daily transactional volume by April 2023. The company received further funding in December 2023 and made a significant addition to its leadership team in July 2024 with the appointment of Edward Tilly as president.

Products and Services[edit]

Clear Street offers a range of financial products and services, primarily focused on modernizing the brokerage ecosystem. Based on the latest information, their offerings include:

  • Prime Brokerage Platform:
  • Clearing Services:
  • U.S. Equities and Options:
  • Futures:[4]
  • Custody Services:
  • Execution Services:
  • Financing Services:
  • Capital Introduction:

Repurchase Agreement Services:

  • Securities Lending:
  • Fixed-Income Securities: Clear Street provides clearing, custody, and financing services for fixed-income securities.

Key People[edit]