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Context Analytics
Context Analytics new logo.jpg
Founded 2012
Headquarters Chicago
Key People Joe Gits, CEO and Co-Founder
Employees 10
Twitter @smainfo

Context Analytics Inc. (formerly Social Market Analytics, Inc.) is a Chicago-based market analytics company that analyzes Twitter data for trading sentiment.[1] [2] The firm, founded in 2012 by Joe Gits, Jeff Blaschak and Kurt Myers, offers social media "quantification and analysis" for both individual and institutional investors such as banks, hedge funds and brokerages.[3]


In 2014, SMA entered a partnership with StockTwits to provide active day traders with producing signals based on the announced intentions of highly active traders in the StockTwits community.[4]

Also in 2014, the start-up raised over $750,000 to continue building out its platform.

In August of 2016, Chicago Board Options Exchange launched the CBOE-SMA Large Cap Index (SMLC Index), the first of a series of sentiment-based strategy benchmark indexes that measure short-term market momentum based on Social Market Analytics’ social media metrics. The two companies had entered into an exclusive licensing agreement for the indexes in June of 2016. The SMLC Index is designed to track the performance of a hypothetical strategy that on a daily basis buys an equally weighted portfolio of 25 stocks with high SMA S-Scores. [5] S-Scores, extracted from Twitter traffic by SMA algorithms, reflect investors’ sentiment about stocks.

Products and Services[edit]

Social Market Analytics produces a family of metrics, called S-Factors, designed to capture the signature of financial market sentiment. SMA applies these metrics to data captured from social media sources to estimate sentiment for indices, sectors, and individual securities.[6]

Key People[edit]