Deven Sharma

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Deven Sharma
Occupation Former President
Employer Standard & Poor's Corp.

Deven Sharma is the former president of the Standard & Poor's Corp., a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies.[1] Sharma resigned on August 22, 2011, effective September 12, 2011. He is replaced by Douglas Peterson.[2]

He was named to the FDIC Advisory Committee on June 3, 2011.[3]


Sharma was thrust into the eye of the storm in August 2011 when Standard & Poor's Corp. downgraded the United States debt from a Triple A to a Double A plus rating. Sharma defended his decision by stating the agency took an objective approach to the downgrade. [4]

Sharma joined S&P in 2007 as executive vice president of Investment Service and Global Sales. Prior to joining S&P, he was executive vice president, Global Strategy, at The McGraw-Hill Companies for five years.

He joined The McGraw-Hill Companies in January 2002 from global management consulting firm Booz·Allen & Hamilton, where he was a partner. During his 14 years with that firm, he provided guidance to client companies on business strategy and globalization, as well as on branding and sales management. Much of his experience includes work with global corporations in the U.S., Latin America, Europe and parts of Asia. Prior to Booz·Allen, Sharma worked with manufacturing companies, Dresser Industries and Anderson Strathclyde.

Affiliations and Publishing[edit]

Sharma has authored several publications on competitive strategy, customer solutions, sales and marketing. He is a board member of 800-Flowers Inc., CRISIL, The US-China Business Council and Asia Society Business Council.


Sharma holds a bachelor's degree from the Birla Institute of Technology in India, a master's degree from the University of Wisconsin and a doctoral degree in Business Management from Ohio State University.