Euronext Amsterdam

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Euronext Amsterdam
Founded 2000
Headquarters Amsterdam
Key People Maurice van Tilburg, Chief Executive Officer

Euronext Amsterdam began in 1607 as the Amsterdam stock exchange and is the oldest exchange in the world. It is currently a subsidiary of Euronext.

Its flagship index is the AEX Index, which reflects the performance of the 25 most actively traded shares listed on Euronext Amsterdam, and is the most widely used indicator of the Dutch stock market economy.

Key People[edit]


Trading of corporate shares originated in Amsterdam in 1607 when the giant shipping company ‘Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie’ needed to finance the transport of goods from the Far East. Shares in this company were the first immediately-deliverable shares traded in the world. Those were quickly followed by the first futures and options. By the end of the 17th century, the stock exchange had a permanent place at the heart of the financial sector.