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Founded April 12, 2002
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
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Europex is the Association of European Energy Exchanges, representing the interests of exchange-based wholesale electricity, gas, and environmental markets in Europe. Established on April 12, 2002, Europex serves as a platform for cooperation and advocacy among energy exchanges, market operators, and delegated operators across the continent.


Europex's roots can be traced back to the liberalization of the European energy market in the 1990s. As newly created market infrastructure providers emerged following the establishment of competitive electricity and gas markets, seven power exchanges voluntarily agreed in 2001 to create a single EU-level advocacy body. This led to the formal establishment of Europex on April 12, 2002, with the initial focus on the integration of short-term electricity markets across Europe and the emergence of long-term hedging markets. Over time, Europex's scope has broadened to cover natural gas trading and environmental market aspects. Its geographical reach has also expanded significantly, with the association now representing members from various European countries.

Membership and Governance[edit]

As of 2023, Europex has 30 full members and three associate members, representing energy exchanges, market operators, and delegated operators from across Europe. The association is governed by a General Assembly, which meets 1-2 times per year and serves as the main decision-making body.

List of Energy Exchanges
Albanian Power Exchange Power Clearing and Settlement Balkan Gas Hub
Slovenian Power Market Operator Romanian Commodities Exchange BSP SouthPool
Electricity Market Operator of Montenegro Croatian Power Exchange ECG
European Energy Exchange European Power Exchange Energy Exchange Istanbul
Electricity System Commercial Operator Energy Trading Platform Amsterdam Energy Exchange Austria
Energy Market Operator EnExGroup Croatian Energy Market Operator
Hungarian Power Exchange Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange ICE Endex
Electricity Market Operator of North Macedonia Iberian Gas Exchange Nasdaq Commodities
Nord Pool Short-term Electricity Market Operator Iberian Electricity Market Operator
Iberian Energy Market Operator Romanian Electricity and Gas Market Operator Czech Electricity and Gas Market Operator
Single Electricity Market Operator Polish Power Exchange Ukrainian Energy Exchange

The six-person Board, elected every two years, steers the association and reports to the General Assembly. The current Board (2024-2025 mandate) comprises:

Europex has four Working Groups and four Task Forces that focus on specific areas of interest, such as environmental markets, financial markets, gas markets, power markets, balancing, market integrity and transparency, energy community, and digital and cybersecurity.

Activities and Initiatives[edit]

Europex actively engages with European institutions, national financial and energy regulators, and other stakeholders to represent the interests of its members. The association plays a crucial role in shaping the regulatory framework for wholesale energy trading in Europe and promoting the development of efficient and transparent energy markets.

Through its working groups and task forces, Europex addresses various topics related to energy markets, including market design, regulatory compliance, environmental aspects, and emerging technologies. The association also organizes events and conferences to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among its members and stakeholders.

Key People[edit]