FEX JCC Asia Crude (Argus)

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Monthly cash settled futures and options based on the Argus Japanese Crude Cocktail (Argus JCC) index price, as calculated and published by Argus Media.[1]

FEX JCC Asia Crude (Argus) - Futures and Options
Contract Unit 1,000 barrels of Oil per contract
Currency USD
Minimum Price Increment (tick size) US$0.01 (US$10.00 per contract)
Contract Months Calendar month for 24 months (options for 12 months)
Contract Code JC
Contract Type Cash settled
Trading Hours Day; 10.00am - 6.30pm

Night; 8.30pm - 7.00am

Last Trading Day 24th day of the Contract Month, or prior working day if not a business day in Sydney
Settlement Date Seventh business day in Sydney after the Last Trading Day
Expiry Settlement Price Argus JCC index as calculated and published by Argus Media in the contract month, which reflects actual fixed data delayed by two months
Option Type European
Option Strike Price Intervals Put and Call options, set at intervals of US$0.50, with a minimum of 25 strikes either side of the underlying Reference Price
Option Settlement Process Options which are "in the money", with respect to Expiry Settlement Price, exercise automatically into the Underlying Futures Contract with a contract price equal to the Strike Price. Options which are "out of the money", expire automatically