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FFastFill plc
Headquarters London, Chicago, Prague
Products Trading Pro, Tracking Pro, Clearing Pro, Eclipse Back Office
Website www.ffastfill.com

FFastFill is a a former publicly held company that designed and delivered front-, middle- and back-office services to the global electronic trading community. They were listed at the London Stock Exchange and the company was registered in England and Wales (company number 3978346).[1]

FFastFill provided automated services for retail and institutional firms worldwide enabling their clients to manage trading and financial risk in real time. Their experience included exchange-traded derivatives, multi-asset clearing and trading functionality for clients with equity, fixed income, foreign exchange, CFD and OTC needs.[2]

On February 15, 2013, FFastfill was acquired by ION, a Dublin-based provider of multi-asset class trading software, with access to more than 80 electronic markets.


FFastFill was founded to provide a software platform for electronic trading and risk management for derivative products. In 2000 it was listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange. More recently, the company became an Application Services provider in the sector.[3]

Major milestones for FfastFill have included producing its first software product, a PC-based trading and risk-management system in 1999. In 2000, the company produced a client-server system for trading and risk management of derivatives. In 2003, FfastFill's applications service went live.

In June 2010, Ffastfill announced connectivity to the Singapore Mercantile Exchange, which has plans to launch in August 2010.[4]

In late November 2010, FFastFill announced that they had built a platform for Newedge buy-side customers to connect to the Shanghai Futures Exchange, the Dalian Commodities Exchange, the Zhengzhou Commodities Exchange and the China Financial Futures Exchange. This is one of the first platforms that allows FFastFill customers to trade Chinese futures from a single trading screen. [5]

On November 22, 2011, the firm announced the acquisition of WTD Consulting Inc. for up to $12 million. The deal was expected to help Ffastfill finish the customization of its back-office product called Eclipse in the US market. WTD has extensive experience in the post-trade processing sector for exchange traded derivatives and over-the-counter markets.[6]

Ryan McElvogue John Lothian News Interview[edit]

Ryan McElvogue of FFastFill Discusses Dodd-Frank Related Risk Management

Ryan McElvogue was managing director of FFastFill, the U.S. subsidiary of FFastFill Plc., a London-based provider of front-, middle- and back-office solutions for the global electronic trading community. In August 2012, FFastfill announced that Orbit Risk, its clearing member risk management suite, is fully conformant with certain Dodd-Frank related CFTC regulations scheduled to take effect October 1, 2012. McElvogue spoke with former John Lothian News Editor-at-Large Doug Ashburn about Orbit Risk, Dodd-Frank risk management and readiness, and operational versus technical implementation issues. Published September 21, 2012. [7] Watch at JohnLothianNews.com