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FTX US.jpeg
Founded 2020
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Key People Sam Bankman-Fried, Founder and CEO; Gary Want, CTO and Founder; Dan Friedberg, CCO
Products Cryptocurrency trading platform
Twitter @FTX_US
Website FTX.US Exchange Home

FTX.US, a cryptocurrency trading platform, is a subsidiary of FTX. FTX is a Hong Kong cryptocurrency derivatives platform registered in Antigua.

The company established West Realm Shires to do business as FTX.US. West Realm shires is a money services business registrant with FinCEN.[1]

Trading launched on the platform on May 22, 2020. FTX and FTX.US CEO Sam Bankman Fried told The Block Crypto, “I think U.S. crypto customers have been under-served for a while, and I'm excited to try to push the industry forward.”[2]

FTX.US offers trading pairs based on bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Paxos Gold and U.S. dollar Tether. According to the FTX.US website, the platform offers 10% margins on its spot trades. Despite having separate order books from its parent, FTX.US claims, "We have a history of providing market-leading liquidity--from some of the industry's top market makers to the most liquid futures order books. Because of this FTX.US has had industry-leading order-books from day one."[3]