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First Derivatives
Founded 1996
Headquarters New York, London, Ireland
Key People Seamus Keating, CEO
Employees 1,400-plus
Products service provider
Twitter @FDplc

First Derivatives (FD) provides consulting, support, and technology services to the capital markets. They have offices in London; Newry, Northern Ireland; New York; Philadelphia; Boston; Chicago; Toronto; Stockholm; Frankfurt, Germany; Shanghai; Singapore; Sydney and Adelaide, Australia. [1] Their suite of products targets risk management, algorithmic strategic backtesting, complex event processing and the back office. [2]


In September 2015, FD announced the founding of a new research and development arm of the company, FD Labs, based in Ottawa, Canada. FD brought in Dave Thomas and Brian Barry to help with FD Labs' development; Thomas as FD's chief scientist and Barry as head of FD Labs.[3]

Products and Services[edit]

First Derivatives provides a range of consulting and support services that focus on managing performance, selecting vendors and supporting third party products as well as the support of in-house systems. They also provide technology integration and implementation services. Their products include:

  • Delta Suite - The Delta Suite of products covers a range of trading and risk management systems to tools and utilities for Kdb+ users, traders and developers.
  • Delta CEP - The Delta CEP integrates with existing systems and technologies to provide scalable real-time performance.
  • Delta Backtest and Delta Replay - These products work in conjunction with each other. Delta Backtest enables strategy validation and Delta Replay allows users to replay or multiply market data and publish the data to any messaging system or application.
  • Delta Limits - Delta Limits allows limits to be applied and monitored to any live and derived sources with high-frequency functionality, full logging and audit trails provided.
  • Delta Market Data Manager - Delta Market Data manager provides end of period "Golden Copy" and intraday time series analysis performance. It addresses challenges due MiFID/RegNMS and fraud detection.
  • Delta Backoffice - Delta Backoffice consists of Delta Accounting, a framework for generating accounting information and Delta Reconciliations which provides intra-day and real-time reconciliations.
  • Delta Feedhandlers - Delta Feed Handlers connect users to exchange direct access to third party market data providers.

Key People[edit]