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FlexTrade Systems, Inc.
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Founded 1996
Headquarters North America, Europe and Asia
Employees Around 200
Twitter @@FlexTrade
Website flextrade.com

FlexTrade Systems, Inc., founded in 1996, is a financial technology firm that specializes in broker-neutral algorithmic trading platforms and execution systems for equities, foreign exchange and listed derivatives and fixed income.[1]

Privately held FlexTrade has a client base spanning more than 200 buy- and sell-side firms, including investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, commodity trading advisors and institutional brokers. The firm has offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

Products and Services[edit]

FlexTrade is best known for FlexTRADER, which the firm says is the first broker-neutral, execution management trading system. The technology allows clients to control and customize their proprietary algorithms while maintaining the confidentiality of their trading strategies.[2]

The firm offers a multitude of product offerings for buy-side and sell-side clients.

FlexTRADER EMS and Single Security Trading is an execution management system is designed for algorithmic and electronic trading.

FlexOMS is a multi-asset order management solution for sell-side institutions in equities, FX, options and fixed income.

FlexFX is an execution management system for buy-side clients trading FX. The system is designed to work with order management systems as well as execute large numbers of orders, blocks or small orders.

Derivix-AM is an order and execution management system for buy-side institutions for options trading. It handles analytics, positions and risk management across all options markets.

FlexTCA is a buy-side transaction cost analysis system that provides realtime and historical analysis for trading portfolios and single securities in equities and FX markets.

FlexEdge is a suite of trading analytic modules which is designed for traders and managers to plan an investment, from predictive forecasting, execution strategy development or trade scheduling.

Mottai is a web-based front-end trading solution that combines market data, risk management and trading tools for brokers.

FlexAR is an "augmented reality" trading application FlexTrade launched in April of 2017 for its execution management system (EMS). The technology will provide an interactive order blotter, trade ticket and charting in the virtual space. The firm said it had initially explored virtual reality trading, but the feedback was that fully immersive headsets were too overwhelming and shut off real-world events.[3]

MaxxTrader, headquartered in Singapore, is a provider of FX pricing and risk solutions for sell-side institutions including banks and broker-dealers, as well as a multi-dealer platform for hedge funds.[4] In July 2021 the Singapore Exchange (SGX) agreed to acquire MaxxTrader from FlexTrade for $125 million, with the transaction expected to be completed by December 2021.[5]

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FlexTrade's FlexTCA system won the 2019 “Best FX Transaction Cost Analysis Provider of the Year ” category at FX Week’s 16th Annual e-FX Awards ceremony on July 11, 2019.