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GL Trade
Founded 1987
Key People Pierre Gatignol, Chief Executive and Founder; Louis Christophe Laurent, Chairman
Employees 1000+
Products trading and order management software

GL TRADE was a global financial software company that provided the financial community with trading and order management software, a proprietary network, market data and other services.[1]

SunGard bought the company in 2009 and renamed the system SunGard Global Trading. The transaction put a value of EUR400.7 million (approximately $585.3 million) on 100 percent of GL TRADE's share capital (excluding the effect of outstanding stock options).[2]


The company, founded in 1987, had more than 1,000 staff located in 26 offices on five continents. They have 3,500+ clients including 500 major international financial institutions.

GL TRADE is listed on Eurolist, on Euronext Paris. Pierre Gatignol was the chief executive and founder of GL TRADE, and Louis Christophe Laurent was the chairman.

GL TRADE Americas opened its doors in 1998 in New York with one employee. Today, the subsidiary employs about 70 people with offices in New York, Chicago, and Toronto. GLTRADE Americas counts 80 clients with the list continuing to grow.

Since its opening, the subsidiary has undertaken initiatives to service local clients including the development of a FIX gateway to adhere to the industry standard protocol, development of local market trading products such as GL MOSAIC to meet the unique trading needs of the firm's users, and implementing a 24x5 help desk to support the firm's clients as they trade the global markets.

The American subsidiary has been profitable since its inception (with a double-digit profit margin after tax since 2001). Business in North America represents approximately 11 percent of GL TRADE Global revenue.[3]

GL TRADE opened its first international office in London in 1996. [4]

Products and Services[edit]

To support the rapid growth of electronic trading and direct market across multiple venues GL TRADE developed its GL Smart Order Router (SOR). Combined with the firm's gateways and algorithmic trading engine, GL SOR has the ability to automate and adjust in real-time clients’ trading execution strategies.[5]

Key People[edit]


On May 6, 2008 reported that shareholders in Financiere Montmartre Holdings, who together and individually own 63.9 percent of GL Trade's capital, were considering various strategic options for the software group, including disposing of their stakes.[6]