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Global Digital Finance
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Global Digital Finance (GDF) is an industry membership body that promotes the adoption of best practices for digital assets and the maturation of the digital finance industry. It aims to drive the acceleration of digital finance through the development of conduct standards, in a shared engagement forum with leading firms, policymakers, and regulators.


GDF's mission is to promote and underpin the greater adoption of market standards for the use of crypto and digital assets, through the development of best practices and governance standards in a shared engagement forum with industry, policymakers, and regulators.[1]


GDF works to establish a comprehensive institutional-grade blockchain ecosystem by bringing together the firms, policymakers, and regulators from across the digital finance and cryptocurrency sectors. Its activities include:

  • Developing codes of conduct and best practice guidelines for digital finance
  • Facilitating public-private cooperation to drive the adoption of appropriate regulations and standards
  • Promoting open and inclusive dialogue between industry leaders and public sector stakeholders
  • Providing thought leadership on the future of digital finance and its real-world use cases

The organization hosts regular summits and events that convene global regulators, policymakers, financial institutions, and industry leaders to share insights and drive the adoption of digital assets.


GDF has a diverse membership base spanning various sectors, including banks, investors, asset managers, financial services providers, regulatory bodies, and technology firms. Its members collaborate to establish best practices and engage with public sector stakeholders to shape the future of digital finance.

While details about its specific membership are limited, GDF positions itself as a leading voice in promoting the responsible adoption of digital assets and fostering collaboration between industry and regulators in this rapidly evolving space.

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