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Healthy Markets Association
Founded 2014
Headquarters Washington, District of Columbia
Products Education and market structure
Key People Tyler Gellasch, Christopher Nagy
Twitter @healthymkts
Web site

Healthy Markets Association is an investor-focused non-profit organization aimed at promoting transparency, fairness, and efficiency within the financial markets. It seeks to educate market participants and promote data-driven reforms to market structure.


Objectives and Focus[edit]

Healthy Markets Association primarily focuses on:

  • Transparency: Advocating for clarity in the market processes, transactions, and rules.
  • Fairness: Ensuring that all market participants, regardless of their size or influence, have equal opportunities.
  • Efficiency: Streamlining market processes to reduce unnecessary costs and improve market function.


Membership to the Healthy Markets Association is available to a diverse range of market participants, from institutional investors to financial service providers. Members often benefit from exclusive insights, reports, and the opportunity to collaborate on various initiatives that the association undertakes.

Key People[edit]