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Founded 2016
Headquarters Chicago
Key People Christopher K. Hehmeyer, CEO
Employees 28
Products Market maker in global assets
Twitter @https://twitter.com/HehmeyerLLC
LinkedIn Profile
Website https://www.hehmeyer.com/
Blog https://medium.com/@hehmeyerteam

Hehmeyer is a market maker in global digital assets. The company streams prices electronically, operates on numerous request-for-quote platforms and accommodates over-the-counter (OTC) markets with FIX API, REST API, GUI and other mediums.[1] Founded in 2016 by industry veteran Christopher K. Hehmeyer, its CEO, the company was previously known as Hehmeyer Trading + Investments, a proprietary trading group, introducing broker and CTA. It was rebranded in June 2020, a change that coincided with the evolution and consolidation of the company’s business segments solely into algorithmic trading and market making in cryptocurrencies. [2]

Hehmeyer's headquarters are in Chicago, with additional operations in Singapore and London.[3]


Previously known as Hehmeyer Trading + Investments, a proprietary trading group, introducing broker and CTA, the company became involved in the cryptocurrency space in 2017, according to a blog post by its founder, Christopher Heymeyer. "In 2017, we began opening accounts on exchanges, purchasing bitcoin and other digital assets and holding them in cold storage," Hehmeyer wrote. "Informed by our historical expertise, we as a company began to trade in the space, making markets on exchanges, and directly to counterparties," he said. [4]

In a June 24, 2020 interview, Hehmeyer told CoinDesk that he found the cryptocurrency and blockchain space dynamic and that it could lead to new types of products. “I hope to see people liberated from the burdens of intermediaries and liberated in their interactions with other people,” he said. “I think it allows people to have more control of their lives and their assets." [5]

On February 10, 2021, Hehmeyer LLC announced an agreement to merge its electronic liquidity provision business with Nortide Capital AG, a Swiss-based market maker in digital assets. The new firm, to be called Hehmeyer Nortide AG, plans to serve users of cryptocurrencies globally and will be headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.[6]

Products and Services[edit]

Hehmeyer provides institutions, hedge funds, exchanges, family offices, miners and high-net-worth individuals with liquidity in digital asset markets.

Key People[edit]