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Wikis are collaborative references. Different people write different articles. Readers find problems and missing information, and make corrections.

Correcting and updating articles is critical to the health of the wiki, but only if that activity is done with the proper spirit and substance. If you're wondering about what makes a good change to an existing article versus a bad one, here's a handy guide.

GOOD Changes[edit]

  • Fixing typographical errors
  • Fixing formatting errors, like lists of things that don't really appear as lists
  • Fixing words or sentences that are grammatically incorrect
  • Correcting factual errors, like incorrect names and dates
  • Correcting sections that are difficult to understand
  • Correcting red wiki page links that are red because they didn't properly match the existing wiki page they're trying to reference
  • Adding additional explanation for a subject that isn't completely described
  • Adding new sections to a topic's article to more thoroughly cover the subject
  • Removal of information that has absolutely nothing to do with the wiki's subject matter (the people, products, places, companies and events in the worldwide financial industry)

BAD Changes[edit]

  • Adding claims or opinions that cannot be factually supported (e.g. "Jim is the world's worst trader," or, "XYZ Company has the best trading system")
  • Adding information that you're not completely sure about. Don't guess
  • Removing true and correct information from an article, solely because you don't like it (e.g. taking something unfavorable but true out of your own company's article)
  • Changing the style of existing writing that is already clear and complete, simply because it is not how you prefer to write
  • Engaging in a "change war" with another contributor, flipping an article's contents back and forth as you argue over what is correct. If you're going to have an editorial fight, do it on the article's discussion page, not the article itself. Change wars will be overseen and, if necessary, brought to a conclusion by the wiki team
  • Removing blocks of information that you don't believe are relevant to an article. Don't delete -- post your opinion on the article's discussion page first