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Corn futures
Exchange ICE
Settlement Cash settled
Contract Size 5,000 bushels
Pricing Unit 12.50
Tick Value One quarter of one cent per bushel, expressed as .250 ($12.50 per contract)
Contract Months March, May, July, September and December
Last Trading Day Business day prior to the First Notice Day of the corresponding trading month of the Corn futures contract at

the Chicago Board of Trade

Note: This contract is electronic ONLY -- no open outcry
  No Open Outcry Electronic
Trading Hours N/A Monday - Friday: 8pm to 6pm (Eastern Time)

On Sunday, trading begins at 6pm (Eastern Time)

Ticker Symbol N/A ICN
Price Limits N/A 40 cents per bushel, expandable to 60 cents per bushel when the market closes at limit bid or offer. No limit

on the expiring contract on the last trading day