Imperative Execution

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Founded 2016
Headquarters Stamford, Conn.
Key People Roman Ginis
Employees 15 - 30
Products ATS/Dark pool
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Imperative Execution builds automated trading systems (ATS).

Its first product is the IntelligentCross ATS, due to launch in May 2019. Through a variety of features, IntelligentCross aims to negate the effect of high frequency traders on execution quality.[1]


Imperative Execution was founded by Roman Ginis, a former trader with Cubist Systematic Strategies, the systematic trading arm of Steve Cohen's Point72.

The idea for the venue came to Ginis while a "medium-frequency" trader for Cubist, employing algorithms that held stocks for only a day or two. In his role as a quant trader, Ginis had to deal with the problems posed by slippage, or the phenomenon of prices running away from a market participant when trying to execute a large order. [2]

Products and Services[edit]

Key People[edit]

Roman Ginis, CEO