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*[[John J. Lothian]], Publisher
*[[John J. Lothian]], Publisher
*[[Jim Kharouf]], Editor in Chief
*[[Jim Kharouf]], Editor in Chief
*[[Jon Matte]], Editor
*[[Jon Matte]], Former Editor
*[[Doug Ashburn]], Contributing Editor
*[[Doug Ashburn]], Former Contributing Editor
*[[Jeff Bergstrom]], Contributing Editor
*[[Jeff Bergstrom]], Contributing Editor

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JLN Forex
Founded December 2010
Headquarters Chicago
Products news and information source on foreign exchange
Twitter @JLNForex
Website www.jlnforex.com

JLN Forex (formerly JLN FX) was a daily newsletter focused on the exchange traded and related OTC currency markets. In October of 2013, JLN FX and JLN Interest Rates were combined to create JLN Financials, a new daily comprehensive newsletter covering interest rates, credit, FX, indicies and gold.

JLN FX provided traders, investors and other market participants with a comprehensive aggregation of news, commentary and original features about the foreign exchange markets. The free daily email newsletter and companion blog were published by John J. Lothian.[1]

Email Newsletter[edit]

JLN Forex was the seventh newsletter in the John Lothian News service, which began with the John Lothian Newsletter and includes the Environmental Markets Newsletter, JLN Managed Futures, JLN Options, JLN Interest Rates and JLN Metals.

The newsletter, which launched February 2, 2010, included original content, such as interviews with foreign exchange industry executives, traders, and others, as well as a selection of the most important forex-related stories of the day.[2]


The blog also includes interviews with key people in the foreign exchange industry as well as features, commentary and an archive of daily email newsletters.

Key People[edit]