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Jasdaq Securities Exchange
Founded June 1, 1976
Headquarters Tokyo
Key People President and Chief Executive Officer, Takashi Tsutsui
Employees 171
Website http://www.jasdaq.co.jp/

The Jasdaq Securities Exchange is a stock exchange located in Tokyo, Japan. At the current time, the Japan Securities Dealers Association owns 72.6 percent of the exchange's stock.[1]The exchange had been expected to merge with the Osaka Securities Exchange's Hercules market, but the Jasdaq board of directors voted down the integration of trading systems with the Osaka exchange.[2]Jasdaq executives said the exchange would place an order with Hitachi Ltd. to resume the development of its own trading system to replace the one it's currently using.[3]

In July of 2008, the value of transactions on the Jasdaq Securities Exchange dropped to a level not seen since March 2003.[4]The exchange said in September of 2008 that it would consolidate its Tokyo offices and cut other costs in a bid to turn a profit in fiscal 2009.[5]

In August of 2008, the exchange announced that it would place limits on convertible securities to curb the large stock price dilutions that occur when investors exercise equity warrants and other convertible instruments.[6]


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