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'''Job Postings'''
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Please post information about job openings and listings on this page.

== IPX International ==
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=== Financial Engineering/Analysis ===
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Established in 2007, [[IPX International]] (www.ipxi.com) is the world’s first financial exchange devoted to intellectual property-based products.  [[IPX International]] is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and intends to be a free-standing exchange by Q1 2010.  [[IPX International]] is presently building a slate of products to take to market by or before Q1 2009.
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We are seeking motivated individuals to join our financial product development team in Chicago.  The financial products we are developing are derivatives whose pricing reflects the value of intellectual property assets held by public and non-public entities.  We are seeking candidates at the Analyst level:
Analysts are primarily responsible for financial modeling, financial analysis, research, and communicating findings.  Analyst requirements include:
#BS/BA in finance, mathematics, computer science, or economics
#Academic success – cumulative and department GPA of 3.5 or above
#Excellent modeling skills
#Excellent quantitative skills
#Strong oral and written communication skills
#Strong work ethic and overtime flexibility
#1-2 years work experience preferred
#Excel, SQL, Access required; programming experience preferred
[[IPX International]] offers an entrepreneurial environment where you will work at the intersection of finance, technology, and intellectual property law.  We value creativity, curiosity, diligence, and problem solving.  We require flexibility, dedication, and initiative.  In return, we provide an exceptional environment for your professional development and growth.
Applicants for employment in the U.S. must possess work authorization which does not require sponsorship by the employer for a visa.  IPX International is an equal opportunity employer.
Please submit your resume to [mailto:cgray@ipxi.com Cameron Gray]
== References ==
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