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John Lothian Newsletter
Founded 2000
Headquarters Chicago
Key People John J. Lothian, Publisher & Editor
Twitter @JohnLothian

The John Lothian Newsletter, the premier offering of John Lothian News (JLN), delivers daily insights into the intricate worlds of exchange-traded derivatives, securities, and pertinent OTC markets. Curated by John J. Lothian and the experienced editorial team at JLN, this intelligence briefing not only dives into top stories from global exchanges, clearing, trade execution, and settlement but also offers a lens into emerging market technologies and potential disruptors. Subscribers are kept abreast of critical cybersecurity developments, notable cryptocurrency news, and political shifts influencing the financial sphere. The newsletter covers regulatory changes, legal enforcement actions, key happenings in equities, indices, and FICC. It also addresses the growing significance of environmental, social, and governance investing. News from major banks, brokers, hedge funds, and the managed futures realm is explored, as are leading management practices. The newsletter also dedicates a segment to health and wellness, brings regional news from the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific, and provides updates on significant global events, like the Ukraine-Russia conflict and the recent Israel-Palestine discord in October 2023. Furthermore, it captures intriguing stories that may not neatly fit elsewhere, ensuring readers get a comprehensive view of the global financial landscape.


John Lothian is the editor and publisher of the John Lothian Newsletter, gathering news stories and providing commentary.

Other John Lothian News editors regularly contribute material.

During March to May of 2013, JLN had several guest editors while John Lothian was away on a medical lead. The guest editors included Steve Grob, Andy Yemma, Veronica Augustsson, Gary Katz, Ed Tilly, Walt Lukken and Patrick Thornton-Smith.


The John Lothian Newsletter was launched by John Lothian during the summer of 2000 and was offered at no cost for its first three years. In 2003, John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. was incorporated, and the previously unnamed newsletter was formally named the John Lothian Newsletter.

In the spring of 2013 the John Lothian Newsletter had several guest editors while John Lothian recovered from knee surgery. The guest editors included Steve Grob, Andy Yemma, Veronica Augustsson, Gary Katz, Ed Tilly, Walt Lukken and Patrick Thornton-Smith.[1]

Jon Matte was an associate editor of JLN from 2010 to 2013, assembling the newsletter from Norway.


In 2003, JLN switched from free to a voluntary-pay format. An annual subscription for the John Lothian Newsletter for 2022 is $175. Enterprise rates are available for organizations with five or more readers. Paid subscribers to the newsletter are eligible to become content contributors to MarketsWiki.

Newsletter Spin-Offs[edit]

John Lothian Newsletter has spawned several sector specific newsletters, including:

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