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== Education ==
== Education ==
Fieldman has a B.S. in [[Economic]]s from [[MIT]].
Fieldman has a B.S. in [[Economic]]s from [[MIT]].<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=1918688&authType=name&authToken=rZR2&locale=en_US&pvs=pp&trk=ppro_viewmore|name=Jonathan Fieldman LinkedIn Page|org=Linked In|date=October 18, 2011}}</ref>

== References ==
== References ==
<references />
<references />
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Jonathan Fieldman
Jonathan Fieldman.png
Occupation Executive Vice President
Employer Broadway Technology
Website www.broadwaytechnology.com

Jonathan Fieldman is executive vice president and a board member for Broadway Technology. He is responsible for Broadway’s sales, marketing, and business development. He also plays a key role in setting the strategic direction of the company and in all major financial decisions.


Before joining Broadway in 2004, Fieldman held leadership positions in a number of startups, including his own company, Data Vault Ltd, a provider of hosted market intelligence and sales force automation services to two-thirds of the world’s largest wine and spirits suppliers. He started his career as a business analyst and strategic advisor to the chairman of Sidney Frank Importing, the exclusive importer of Jagermeister to the United States.[1]


Fieldman has a B.S. in Economics from MIT.[2]


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