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Jos Schmitt
Jos Schmitt.jpg
Occupation CEO
Employer [[Aequitas Innovations Inc.]]
Location Toronto, ON, CA

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Jos Schmitt is CEO of Aequitas Innovations Inc., a proposed Canadian stock exchange, announced in June 2013 and is expected to launch in late 2014.[1]


Schmitt is the founder of Alpha Trading Systems, a rival Canadian exchange launched in 2007, and was purchased in 2012 by the Maple Group consortium that also purchased TMX Group. He left Alpha in October 2012, after the acquisition was completed[2] At the time of the acquisition, Alpha had grown to represent 17 percent of total trading volume among Canadian exchanges.

In April 2013, Alpha was migrated into TMX Quantum, TMX Group's proprietary trading engine.[3]

Prior to founding Alpha, Schmitt was a partner, executive vice president and global head of capital markets for Capco. He previously served as president and CEO of the Belgian Derivatives Exchange and Clearing House and, before that, head of market operations for the Brussels Stock Exchange.[4]

He is also a past chairman of the Belgian Derivatives Markets Authority.