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Joseph Lubin
Joseph Lubin.jpg
Occupation Co-founder, Ethereum; Founder, ConsenSys
Employer ConsenSys
Location New York City, New York
Twitter @ConsenSys
Personal Twitter @ethereumJoseph
LinkedIn Profile
Website Consensys Home

Joseph Lubin is one of the founders of Ethereum, a blockchain-based distributed platform headquartered in Switzerland, as well as the founder of Brooklyn, New York-based ConsenSys, a software design and development company focusing on applications using the Ethereum platform.


Early Career[edit]

Lubin first worked in robotics and then as a software engineer at several companies before transitioning into finance.[1] In 1999 Lubin became the vice president of technology for the private wealth management division at Goldman Sachs.[2] After a couple of years there, Lubin moved back to software engineering.


An early fan of blockchain technology, Lubin is one of the co-founders of Ethereum.

Lubin had said that blockchain could serve ". . . as an organizing principle for earth, the world, the planet" after reading Satoshi Nakamoto's bitcoin white paper. In early 2014, after he read Vitalik Buterin's November 2013 white paper, Lubin committed to Anthony Di Iorio and Buterin to join their efforts, which became the Ethereum Foundation.[3] Buterin included Lubin in the list of four primary non-developer team members when he introduced Ethereum on Bitcoin Forum on January 24, 2014.[4]

Later that year, Lubin established ConsenSys, a software engineering firm, to support the development of applications that would run on the Ethereum platform.[5]

In December, Lubin announced that ConsenSys was in the process of a major rehaul of the company's structure.[6] Part of this process involved laying off 13 percent of ConsenSys' staff.[7][8]

In July 2019, Lubin was named one of the first members of the New York Digital Currency Task Force.[9][10]

In September 2019, Lubin joined Hyperledger's governing board.[11]

Public Honors[edit]

The online cryptocurrency magazine Coindesk named Lubin the fifth most influential person in blockchain in 2017.[12]

Forbes named Lubin to the number 2 spot on its 2018 list of the richest people in cryptocurrency.[13]

The annual Austin, Texas, South by South West Conference named Lubin to be the 2019 keynote speaker for their inaugural blockchain and cryptocurrency track.[14]


Lubin received a B.S. in engineering, electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University.[15]


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