Ketchum Trading, LLC

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Ketchum Trading, LLC
Founded 2009
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Key People Blair Hull
Products Futures, Options, Cash Equities, ETFs
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Ketchum Trading, LLC is a privately held, proprietary trading firm, based in Chicago, Illinois. Driven by algorithms and utilizing the most advanced software and technology in the industry, the firm makes markets and trades in futures, options, cash equities and exchange-traded funds. Ketchum Trading also partners with traders to offer a wide range of services, technology, support and capital. The firm provides co-location at CME, ICE, and NASDAQ.


Ketchum Trading was founded in 2009 by Blair Hull.

Products and Services[edit]

Ketchum Trading is a multi-strategy firm makes markets and trades in futures, options, cash equities, and exchange traded funds.

Key People[edit]

Blair Hull is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Ketchum Trading, LLC. Prior to launching Ketchum Trading, Blair Hull founded Hull Trading Company and served as the firm’s chairman and CEO .

A global leader in the application of computer technology to listed derivatives trading, Hull Trading Company leveraged technological innovations and quantitative models to become one of the world’s premier market-making firms, trading on 28 exchanges in nine countries. At its peak, Hull Trading Company moved nearly a quarter of the entire daily market volume on some markets, executed over 7% of the index options traded in the United States, 3% of the equity options, and 1% of all shares traded daily on the New York Stock Exchange.