Ketchum Trading, LLC

Ketchum Trading, LLC
Founded 2009 - 2018
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Key People Blair Hull, Founder
Products Futures, Options, Cash Equities, ETFs
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Ketchum Trading, LLC was a privately held, proprietary trading firm that operated from 2009 - 2018. Driven by algorithms, Ketchum’s multi-strategy firm made markets and traded futures, options, cash equities, and exchanged traded funds in a broad spectrum of asset classes including commodities, volatility, interest rates and equity indexes. Additionally, Ketchum Trading provided co-location at CME, ICE, and NASDAQ.

After winding down the company in 2018, Ketchum's founder, Blair Hull, said that some of his Ketchum Trading business had shifted to another Chicago trading firm, Hehmeyer Trading + Investments, led by Chris Hehmeyer. A note on his former Ketchum web site said some of "Ketchum's strategies will continue to be traded by Keel Trading in partnership with Hehmeyer Trading Group."[1]


Ketchum Trading was founded in 2009 by Blair Hull.

Products and Services

Ketchum Trading was a multi-strategy firm that makes markets and traded in futures, options, cash equities, and exchange traded funds. Ketchum partnered with select traders and trading groups and offered a wide range of services, technology, support and capital.

Key People

  • Blair Hull, Founder and Managing Partner
  • John Rizner, Chief Executive Officer
  • Petri Fast, Chief Operations Officer
  • Craig Hellman, Chief Technology Officer
  • Dan Dillon, Chief Software Architect
  • Kevin Saunders, Trading Operations Manager


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