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The Kilt Challenge is an annual fundraiser for the FIA's Futures for Kids charity held in conjunction with the IDX charity dinner. The challenge was originated by Jeremy Grant in 2010 when he was challenged to wear a kilt to the IDX gala dinner by Candice Adam and Martin Mosbacher.

Grant reached out to John Lothian to promote the challenge in his newsletter to help him raise money for the charity. Grant subsequently challenged Lothian to wear a kilt to the gala next year and raise funds for the charity, setting in motion a tradition that has continued.[1][2]

Lothian challenged Simon Rostron, who challenged Clive Furness. Furness passed the challenge on to FIA President and CEO Walt Lukken and he in turn challenged then FIA Europe CEO Simon Puleston Jones.[3]

Others who have worn a kilt for the challenge include Bill Herder, Emma Davey, Pat Kenny, Kim Taylor, Mark Ibbotson and Robbert Booij.[4][5]

The 2024 Kilt Challenge participant is Rama Pillai of SGX.[6]

Kilt Wearers[edit]

JohninKilt.jpeg Simon Rostron2.jpgPatKenny.png