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Knight Ridder was an American media company, specializing in newspaper, wire service and Internet publishing.[1] It was formed by a merger of companies started by Herman Ridder and Charles Landon Knight.

The company was bought by The McClatchy Company in 2006.[2]

Commodity News[edit]

Commodities News Service ("CNS") was a wire service focused on commodities markets begun by Ridder in 1961. It later became part of Knight-Ridder when Knight and Ridder merged in 1974.

CNS and United Press International (UPI) form Unicom newswire in 1976, which they bought out UPI's 50% in 1983.

In 1982, Knight Ridder bought Commodity Perspective and in 1982 they bought TradeCenter and Commodity Research Bureau, ("CRB").

In 1984, CNS changed its name to Knight Ridder Financial News, or KRFN. In 1996, Knight Ridder sold Knight Ridder Financial to Global Financial, whose products included Bridge Information Systems and Market Vision.[3][4]

Notable alumni of CNS include Will Acworth, Ceci Rodgers, Suzanne Cosgrove, Cynthia Owens, Tom Jordan, Ros Krasny, Bob Bogda, Martin Gawne and John Lothian.