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KuCoin Logo.png
Founded 2017
Headquarters Singapore
Key People Michael Gan, Founder and Chairman; Johnny Lyu, CEO
Employees 300
Products Cryptocurrency trading platform
Twitter @KuCoinCom
LinkedIn Profile
Facebook Page
Website KuCoin Home
Releases Company News

Cryptocurrency trading platform KuCoin lists more than 200 digital assets for trading. According to CoinGecko, an online cryptocurrency data service, it was the fifth most active trading platform in the world on September 28, 2020.[1]

The company website says, "KuCoin operates in Seychelles, providing users with multi-language and 24/7 customer service. Meanwhile, KuCoin has established local communities in South Korea, Japan, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Turkey, Russia, India, and other regions . . ."[2] Singapore, which is not mentioned by KuCoin on its website as a company location, took action against the company in March 2020 to block it from moving assets from the jurisdiction. [3] Shortly before the government's legal action against KuCoin, the company issued a rare press release from Victoria, Seychelles, about corporate organizational matters.[4]

In an August 12, 2018 announcement the company claimed that it operates out Singapore. The issue of the company's location became increasingly important as its activities began to be investigated by regulators and potential claimants in U.S. class actions filed in March 2020 against KuCoin.[5]

In a series of announcements on September 26, 2020, the company revealed that it had lost $150 million of bitcoin and Ether in a hack of its hot wallets. KuCoin said that it would reimburse any customer losses.[6] In November 2020, KuCoin CEO and Co-Founder Johnny Lyu said that 84 percent of the stolen assets had been recovered via "approaches like on-chain tracking, contract upgrade and judicial recovery."[7]