Lysiane Baudu

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Lysiane Baudu
Lysiane Baudu.jpg
Occupation Freelance Journalist
Location Paris, France
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Lysiane Baudu is a freelance journalist living in France, who writes on a variety of topics including macroeconomics, social and environmental issues. Publications to which she routinely contributes include La Tribune, Terrienne, l’Eléphant.[1] In 2014 she became editor of JLN Environmental/Energy, a John Lothian News publication.


Before turning to freelance, Baudu spent 20 years at La Tribune, formerly a French business daily, now a website and weekly magazine. She began as a reporter covering the futures markets and exchanges, and later covered North and Latin American macroeconomics. From 2002-2006 she served as the foreign correspondent in New York. By the time she left in 2011 she was international senior reporter, covering Europe, North and Latin America on issues ranging from macro-economics, the environment and women to finance and trade.

She has written or co-written three books, including:

  • Exchanges (1999) - illustrated with photographs of the Paris Bourse
  • Travailler plus pour gagner moins, la menace Wal-Mart (Work more to earn less: the menace Wal-Mart), Co-authored with Gilles Biassette in 2008[2]
  • Les Canadiens francophones (The French-speaking Canadians), September 2014[3]


Baudu was a Fulbright Scholar at Louisiana State University, where she earned a Masters degree in journalism in 1984.