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John Lothian News Features

From Open Outcry to Electronic Trading: Andy Tan’s Journey Through the Evolving World of Finance

John Lothian » 02.23.2024


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Options Discovery Episode 30: Risk Management For Options Portfolios; Hilary Till, Principal At Premia Capital Management, Discusses This And More With JLN’s Asma Awass.

Asma Awass » 02.20.2024


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Risk Management For Options Portfolios: Hilary Till, Principal At Premia Capital Management, Discusses Risk Management Strategies In This Options Discovery Full Interview.

Asma Awass » 02.20.2024


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The Power of Goodwill, Hard Work, Luck and Helping Other People

John Lothian » 02.19.2024


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From Humble Beginnings to Trading Success: The Journey of Leonard Kok

John Lothian » 02.16.2024


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There is No Way to Thank Everyone, but Some People Must be Mentioned

John Lothian » 02.15.2024


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The FIA sure knows a Hall of Fame Way to say ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s Day

John Lothian » 02.15.2024


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From Open Outcry to Electronic Evolution: Insights from Marcus Goi, CEO of Orient Futures International

Robby Lothian » 02.14.2024


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Open Outcry Traders History Project Podcast: From Trading Floors to Life’s Crossroads, Tom Gould’s Journey Through Trading and Giving Back

John Lothian » 02.07.2024


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Futures Discovery: Regulation & Do You Need to be Registered

Corties Draper » 02.06.2024


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Rich Repetto Reflects on a Research Career Analyzing Electronic Trading

John Lothian » 02.06.2024


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