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Marcus Grubb
Occupation Managing Director, Investment
Employer [[World Gold Council]]

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Marcus Grubb joined the World Gold Council in June of 2008. He leads investment research, marketing gold as an asset class and has overall responsibility for product innovation including the development of BullionVault.[1]


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Marcus has over 20 year’s experience of the global investment banking industry, in particular in equities, swaps, and derivative products.

Prior to joining the World Gold Council he was the founder chief executive of Swapstream, which was the largest inter-bank dealing exchange for interest rate swaps, now owned by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

As global head of equities at Rabobank, Grubb built and ran the global primary and secondary equities business. Prior to Rabobank, Marcus was a top-rated senior investment strategist at UBS, Salomon Brothers and SBC Warburg.[2]


Grubb received an honors degree in modern history and economics from the Queen’s College Oxford University.


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