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MarketsWiki Education
Founded 2013
Headquarters Chicago
Key People John Lothian,
Products Educational events, videos
Twitter @MarketsWikiEdu
LinkedIn Profile
Facebook Page

MarketsWiki Education is an educational initiative of John Lothian News that features videos, events and markets related educational material freely available to the public.

The World of Opportunity series is based on videos produced from events. The series started in 2013 and events have been held in Chicago, New York, London and Stockholm. In 2020 and 2021, due to the coronavirus, the World of Opportunity series was a virtual online only event.

The Open Outcry Traders History Project is a video series featuring former traders and participants in the open outcry markets around the world.[1][2][3][4]

Two other projects are in development. The Path to Electronic Trading tells individual stories of people involved in developing electronic trading. The History of Financial Futures tells the story of the beginning of financial futures and their development around the world.

MarketsWiki Education is an extension of John Lothian News and its knowledge-base about the global financial, derivative and environmental markets.

The MarketsWiki Education site, was launched in February of 2013.[5] In July of 2015, a new wiki skin was introduced, making the site more dynamic and easy to use. A list of jobs and internships in the financial markets was added to the site.

Also, MarketsWiki Education includes a LinkedIn group for interaction with event participants.[6]